Seventh-day Adventist® Church

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Volunteer Training

Thank you so much for your willingness to volunteer at our church! We appreciate your commitment to helping advance God's kingdom through your involvement! Because we take every volunteer position seriously, we want to make sure that everyone is sufficiently trained to carry out their duties. One training that we ask all of our volunteers to take, regardless of position, is called "Verified Volunteers." This training helps to make all of us better at keeping children safe. 

After clicking the link below, click on “First-time Registrant,” and follow the instructions on the screen. From the drop down menu, choose "Pacific Union and Central California Conference." In order to begin the training, please click "Child Protect Online Awareness Session." The course will take about 60 minutes to complete. After that, a background check request will prompt, it will take 2 minutes to complete it. Thanks so much!