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Archived Sermons, Part 2

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Date Title Presenter
2021-09-04 "1 Thessalonians 4: Living to Please God " Jon Tillay Play
2021-08-28 "1 Thessalonians 3: Established in the Faith" Jon Tillay Play
2021-08-21 "Well Worth It" Jon Tillay Play
2021-08-07 "How Big is Our God" Harold Barnett Play
2021-07-31 "Gods Lamp" Nelson Ernst Play
2021-07-24 "Loves Merit System" Ed Verde Play
2021-07-10 The Mountain Maker Jon Tillay Play
2021-07-03 From Tears to Joy Jon Tillay Play
2021-06-26 Everyone's Essential: Part 3 Jon Tillay Play
2021-06-19 Everyone's Essential: Part 2 Jon Tillay Play
2021-06-12 Everybody's Essential: Part 1 Jon Tillay Play
2021-06-05 "Confusing Bible Verses: The Conquest of Canaan" Jon Tillay Play
2021-05-29 "Confusing Bible Verses: David's Census" Jon Tillay Play
2021-05-22 "A Sword Not Peace" Jon Tillay Play
2021-05-08 "Confusing Bible Verses: The Forgiveness Verse" Jon Tillay Play
2021-05-01 Confusing Bible Verses: Colossians 2:14-17. Jon Tillay Play
2021-04-24 Confusing Bible Verse: Mark 4:25 Jon Tillay Play
2021-04-18 "Micah 7: Who is Like God" Jon Tillay Play
2021-04-10 "Micah 6: What God Wants" Jon Tillay Play
2021-04-03 "Micah 5: King Arthur and the Messiah" Jon Tillay Play
2021-03-27 "Micah 4: From Gloom to Glory" Jon Tillay Play
2021-03-20 "Micah 3: Misplaced Confidence" Jon Tillay Play
2021-03-13 Micah 2: The Breaker Jon Tillay Play
2021-03-06 Puns, Punishment & Hope Jon Tillay Play
2021-02-20 "The COVID Vaccine 666" Jon Tillay Play
2021-02-13 Sheep In Action: Prisoners & The Exploited Jon Tillay Play
2021-02-06 Sheep in Action: The Sick and Imprisoned Jon Tillay Play
2021-01-30 All or Nothing Marlon Lamand Play
2021-01-21 Sheep in Action: The Stranger Jon Tillay Play
2021-01-16 Sheep in Action: The Poor Jon Tillay Play
2021-01-09 "Last Day Litmus Test" Jon Tillay Play
2021-01-02 New Year Sermon Jon Tillay Play
2020-12-26 Day After Christmas Story Jon Tillay Play
2020-12-19 "Christmas Program Sermon" Jon Tillay Play
2020-12-12 "From Demon Possessed to Missionary" Cristel Escobar Play
2020-12-05 "How We Got the Bible: Banned Books, Part 2" Jon Tillay Play
2020-11-28 "The Sycamore Significance" Marlon Lamand Play
2020-11-21 "Gratitude" Jon Tillay Play
2020-11-14 "How We Got the Bible:" Part 1 Jon Tillay Play
2020-11-07 "How did we get the New Testament?" Jon Tillay Play
2020-10-31 "How did we get the old testament?" Jon Tillay Play
2020-10-24 "Who is able to stand?" Rev, 6 Part 2 Dr. Joe Fluence Play
2020-10-17 "Who is able to Stand?" Rev, 6 Part 1 Dr. Joe Fluence Play
2020-10-10 "Old Camel Knees" James 5:13-20. Jon Tillay Play
2020-10-03 "Living in the Last Days" James 5:1-12 Jon Tillay Play
2020-09-19 "Cure for Conflict" James 4:1-10 Jon Tillay Play
2020-09-12 "Mr. Wise Guy" James 3:13-18 Jon Tillay Play
2020-09-05 "Watch Your Words" James 3:1-12 Jon Tillay Play
2020-08-29 "Counterfeit Faith" James 2:14-26 Jon Tillay Play
2020-08-22 "Biased Believers" James 2:1-13 Jon Tillay Play
2020-08-15 "Prescription for Being Afraid" Ed Verde Play
2020-08-01 "Internal Trials" James 1:9-11 Jon Tillay Play
2020-07-25 "Joy in Trials" James 1:1-8 Jon Tillay Play
2020-07-18 "What Do We Do Now?" Jude 1-16:25 Jon Tillay Play
2020-07-11 "Dangerous Disobedience" Jude 1:5-15 Jon Tillay Play
2020-07-04 "Gospel Preservatives" Jude 1:1-4 Jon Tillay Play
2020-06-27 "Scripture Songs: Psalms 3" Jon Tillay Play
2020-06-20 "Scripture Songs: The Brightest Day" Jon Tillay Play
2020-06-13 "A Night in the Den" Marlon Lamand Play
2020-06-06 "Scripture Songs: Helper" Jon Tillay Play
2020-05-30 "Scripture Songs: Envying the Joneses" Jon Tillay Play
2020-05-16 "Abiding in Jesus" Jon Tillay Play
2020-05-09 "Taken For Granted" Jon Tillay Play
2020-05-02 "Procrastination" Jon Tillay Play
2020-04-25 "Bible Paradoxes: Good from Bad" Jon Tillay Play
2020-04-18 "How to Get Rich Quick" Jon Tillay Play
2020-04-11 "To Good To Not Be True" Jon Tillay Play
2020-04-04 "Faith in a Pandemic" Play
2020-03-28 Revelations Cure for Isolation Jon Tillay Play
2020-03-21 "The Prayer that Jesus would not Pray" Jon Tillay Play
2020-02-29 "People of Prayer: Waiting for Answers" Jon Tillay Play
2020-02-22 "Behold" Eddy Perez Play
2020-02-15 "The Prerequisite" Marlon Lamand Play
2020-02-08 "People of Prayer: Your Gethsemane" Jon Tillay Play
2020-02-01 "People of Prayer: Help My Unbelief" Jon Tillay Play
2020-01-18 "People of Prayer: Questioning God" Jon Tillay Play
2020-01-04 "Lesson From Birds" Nelson Ernst Play
2019-12-28 "Holding On" Ed Verde Play
2019-12-21 Christmas Program Sermon Jon Tillay Play
2019-12-14 "People of Prayer: The Lords Prayer" Jon Tillay Play
2019-12-07 "People of Prayer: Elijah" Jon Tillay Play
2019-11-30 "The Genealogy of Jesus Christ" Joe Fluence Play
2019-11-23 "The Divided Monarchy: The Best Holiday" Jon Tillay Play
2019-11-09 "Anything Else" Marlon Lamand Play
2019-11-02 "The Divided Monarchy: The Dangers of Strength" Jon Tillay Play
2019-10-26 "The Divided Monarchy: The Most Foolish King" Jon Tillay Play
2019-10-19 "The Divided Monarchy: The Boy King" Jon Tillay Play
2019-10-12 "The Divided Monarchy: Once Married, Twice Queen' Jon Tillay Play
2019-10-05 King What's His Name Jon Tillay Play
2019-09-28 The Physiology of Thinking Dr. Arlene R.Taylor PhD Play
2019-09-21 "What King Midas Didn't know" Jon Tillay Play
2019-09-14 "Stronger Together" Jon Tillay Play
2019-09-07 "James' Final Plea" AJ Beltz Play
2019-08-31 "Back To the Beginning" Ben Maxson Play
2019-08-24 "The Divided Monarchy: The King Nobody Missed" Jon Tillay Play
2019-08-17 'The Divided Monarchy: Dangerous Alliances" Jon Tillay Play
2019-08-10 The Divided Monarchy: "In ____We Trust" Jon Tillay Play
2019-08-03 The Divided Monarchy: "The Most Notorious King" Jon Tillay Play
2019-07-27 "The Divided Monarchy: Bad Advice" Jon Tillay Play
2019-06-29 "Making Devotions Meaningful" Jon Tillay Play
2019-06-22 "How to Change What You Love," Part 2 Jon Tillay Play
2019-06-15 "How to Change What You Love," Part 1 Jon Tillay Play
2019-06-08 "You Are What You Love" Jon Tillay Play
2019-06-01 "The Last Days...and How to Be Ready" Jon Tillay Play
2019-05-25 "The Last Days...and the Remnant" Jon Tillay Play
2019-05-18 "The Last Days...and the Sabbath" Jon Tillay Play
2019-05-11 You've Got a Friend in Me Joseph Talavera Play
2019-05-04 "The Last Days...and Counterfeits" Jon Tillay Play
2019-04-27 Adventurer Sabbath Adventurer Club Play
2019-04-20 Revelation's Paradoxes Jon Tillay Play
2019-04-13 Going Home Chaplain Yat Ang Play
2019-04-06 Looking Back Ed Verde Play
2019-03-30 "The Last Days...and the Remnant" Jon Tillay Play
2019-03-23 "The Last Days...and the Wine of Babylon" Jon Tillay Play
2019-03-16 The Last Days... and the last Generation Jon Tillay Play
2019-03-02 The Last Days...and the 144,000 Play
2019-02-23 "The Last Days...and the Judgement" Jon Tillay Play
2019-02-16 "The Last Days...Watching and Waiting" Jon Tillay Play
2019-02-09 The Last Days... Are We There Yet? Jon Tillay Play
2019-02-02 "Use What You Have" Jon Tillay Play
2019-01-26 Anyone Home? Jon Tillay Play
2019-01-19 God's Selective Memory Jon Tillay Play
2019-01-05 Why God Allows Trials Ricky Camacho Play
2018-12-29 Lest We Forget Jon Tillay Play
2018-12-22 The Man Who Missed Christmas Jon Tillay Play
2018-12-15 Get Get or Give Give? Jon Tillay Play
2018-12-08 "Shortcut or Shortchanged?" Jon Tillay Play
2018-12-01 More Dangerous Than The Devil Jon Tillay Play
2018-11-24 Headed to Tarshish Marlon Lamond Play
2018-11-17 "Chosen" The Pathfinders Play
2018-11-10 "Heaven" Alex Espitia & Cristian Bravo Morales Play
2018-11-03 Christians & Politics Jon Tillay Play
2018-10-27 God Qualifies the Called Alex Jimenez Play
2018-10-13 "The Appearing" Part 3 Shawn Boonstra Play
2018-10-06 A House of Prayer For All Nations Jon Tillay Play
2018-09-29 Loss, Grief & Recovery Dr. Arlene R.Taylor Play
2018-09-22 "Remembering Love" Edward Verde Play
2018-09-15 Too Good For Silence Jon Tillay Play
2018-09-08 Closing Thoughts 1 John Jon Tillay Play
2018-09-01 "Blessed Assurance?" Jon Tillay Play
2018-08-25 WORDS THAT WOUND: The Trauma of Emotional Abuse Jon Tillay Play
2018-08-11 Standard of Care Ed Verde Play
2018-08-04 "Hath God Said?" Paul Schooley Play
2018-07-28 The Power of Love Jon Tillay Play
2018-07-07 Jesus is Coming Soon, what are You Doing? Emanuel Jimenez Play
2018-06-30 "A Servant of Servants" Joe Fluence Play
2018-06-16 What's in You?" Jon Tillay Play
2018-06-23 "____is Love" Jon Tillay Play
2018-06-09 "Love one Another" Jon Tillay Play
2018-06-02 "Children of God" Jon Tillay Play
2018-05-26 Adventurer Club Sabbath David Aguillon Play
2018-05-19 "Antichrist(s)?" Jon Tillay Play
2018-05-12 His Blood ~ My Story Jon Tillay Play
2018-05-05 The World Or The Father? Jon Tillay Play
2018-04-21 Do You Really Know Him? Jon Tillay Play
2018-04-14 Which Way Now? Manny Jimenez Play
2018-04-07 1John1: Light & Darkness Jon Tillay Play
2018-03-31 Easter Fool Jon Tillay Play
2018-03-24 A New Name Matthew Bronson Play
2018-03-17 What Jesus Taught: about the Sanctuary Jon Tillay Play
2018-03-03 What Jesus Taught: about Sabbath Jon Tillay Play
2018-02-24 What Jesus Taught: about the 2nd Death Jon Tillay Play
2018-02-17 What Jesus Taught: about Death Jon Tillay Play
2018-02-10 What Jesus Taught: about His Return Jon Tillay Play
2018-02-03 What Jesus Taught: about Salvation Jon Tillay Play
2018-01-27 Wait Problems Jon Tillay Play
2017-12-09 What Will You Give Jesus? Jon Tillay Play
2017-11-25 A Thanksgiving Rx For Anxiety Jon Tillay Play
2017-11-18 Running With Endurance Godfrey Miranda Play
2017-09-16 Andrew Jon Tillay Play
2017-09-09 God's International Family Jon Tillay Play
2017-09-02 What A Fellowship? Jon Tillay Play
2017-08-26 WANTED: All Believers Jon Tillay Play
2017-08-11 Fireproof Or Firewood? Jon Tillay Play
2017-08-05 How Can A Man Be Just Before God? Joe Fluence Play
2017-07-29 The Early Monarchy, Pt 7: The Man Who Had It All Jon Tillay Play
2017-07-08 The Early Monarchy, Pt 6: The 3 Men Solomon Killed Jon Tillay Play
2017-07-01 The Great Wishy Washy Steven Ferguson Play
2017-06-24 The Early Monarchy, Pt 5: The Last Words of David Jon Tillay Play
2017-06-17 The Early Monarchy, Pt 4: Carried To The Table Jon Tillay Play
2017-06-10 The Early Monarchy, Pt 3: A King After God's Own Heart Jon Tillay Play
2017-06-03 The Early Monarchy, Pt 2: Witch Spirit? Jon Tillay Play
2017-05-27 The Early Monarchy, Pt 1: Who Is King? Jon Tillay Play
2017-05-20 Closing Remarks: 2 Tim 4:9-22 Jon Tillay Play
2017-05-13 Passing the Torch: 2 Tim 4:1-8 Jon Tillay Play
2017-05-06 The Road Ahead: 2 Tim 3:10-17 Jon Tillay Play
2017-04-29 The Most Dangerous Person: 2 Tim 3:1-9 Jon Tillay Play
2017-04-22 How To Shine For Jesus Jon Tillay Play
2017-04-01 The Two Cups Jon Tillay Play
2017-03-25 What Kind Of Worker Are You? 2 Tim 2:14-26 Jon Tillay Play
2017-03-18 Enduring Hardships: 2 Tim 2:1-13 Jon Tillay Play
2017-03-04 Letter To A Young Minister: 2 Tim 1 Jon Tillay Play
2017-02-25 Mining Scripture: Matthew 28:16-20 Jon Tillay Play
2017-02-18 Mining Scripture: Galatians 3:28 Jon Tillay Play
2017-02-04 Mining Scripture: Jeremiah 29:11 Jon Tillay Play
2017-01-28 Mining Scripture: Galatians 6:9 Jon Tillay Play
2017-01-21 The Day Christ Became King Jon Tillay Play
2017-01-14 Secrets For Long-Term Success Jon Tillay Play
2017-01-07 Power For Keeping Your Resolutions Jon Tillay Play
2016-12-31 God's Amazing Grace Fred Showalter Play
2016-12-24 Now What Do I Do? Fred Showalter Play
2016-12-17 Are You Ready For Jesus To Come? Fred Showalter Play
2012-12-03 Call Upon God In Your Time Of Need Fred Showalter Play
2016-11-26 The Impending Crisis Fred Showalter Play
2016-11-19 Law War Fred Showalter Play
2016-11-05 Faith Is The Substance Fred Showalter Play
2016-10-29 How Faith Is Fred Showalter Play
2016-10-22 Can A Dead Man Sin? Fred Showalter Play
2016-10-15 God Has A Problem And You Are The Answer Fred Showalter Play
2016-10-08 The Faith And Trust Issue Fred Showalter Play
2016-10-01 The Crowing Act Of God Fred Showalter Play
2016-09-24 The Life Of The Party Brian Snarr Play
2016-09-17 Jesus Saves Morgan Graham Play
2016-09-03 The Freedom Of Choice Ei Lavea Play
2016-08-27 Christian Zionism Dr. Joe Fluence Play
2016-08-20 Walking Billboard Benjie Maxon Play
2016-08-13 True Wisdom Dr. Ed Verde Play
2016-08-06 Helmsman Steve Ferguson Play
2016-07-30 The Vineyard Dr.Joe Fluence Play
2016-07-09 Patient Expectations Dr. Ed Verde Play
2016-07-02 The Little Book Paul Schooley Play
2016-06-25 Communion: The Sower Dr.Joe Fluence; Play
2016-06-18 Biggest Loser Ei Lavea Play
2016-06-11 The Just Shall Live by Faith Dr.Joe Fluence Play
2016-06-04 Assimilate John Bell Play
2016-05-28 Water Lilies Dr. Ed Verde Play
2016-05-21 What Mountain Top Benjie Maxon Play
2016-05-14 The Great Mystery Joel Moutray Play
2016-05-07 The Chosen Dr.Joe Fluence Play
2016-04-30 Christs character of love Paul Schooley Play
2016-04-23 Christian Living Today Dr. Ed Verde Play
2016-04-16 Another Acromym Steve Ferguson Play
2016-04-09 Mystery of Godliness Dr.Joe Fluence Play
2016-04-02 Moving forward pt3 Set in stone Godfrey Miranda Play
2016-03-26 Moving forward pt2 After the exodus communion Godfrey Miranda Play
2016-03-19 Moving forward pt1 Godfrey Miranda Play
2016-03-05 The Bride of Christ AJ Beltz Play
2016-02-27 Three Angels: Remedy for the reeling and restless pt3 Godfrey Miranda Play
2016-02-20 Three Angels remedy for the reeling and restless Godfrey Miranda Play
2016-02-13 How an Atheist found Faith Nathaniel Gibbs Play
2016-02-06 Three Angels: The All-Time End Gospel Godfrey Miranda Play
2016-01-30 Made To Thrive, Part3 Godfrey Miranda Play
2016-01-23 Double Negative Sam Smith Play
2016-01-16 The Mind of Christ AJ Beltz Play
2016-01-09 Made To Thrive, Part 2 Godfrey Miranda Play
2016-01-02 Made To Thrive, Part1 Godfrey Miranda Play
2015-12-26 From The Heart Denise Fluence Play
2015-12-05 Giving God Our Best, Part 4 Godfrey Miranda Play
2015-11-28 Giving God Our Best, Part 3 Returning To The Refiner Godfrey Miranda Play
2015-11-21 Giving God Our Best, Part 2 More Than The Motions Godfrey Miranda Play
2015-11-14 Giving God Our Best: Leaving the Leftovers Godfrey Miranda Play
2015-10-17 Search Chad Kreuzer Play
2015-10-31 Becoming a House of Prayer, Part 4 Godfrey Miranda Play
2015-10-24 Becoming a House of Prayer, Part 3 Godfrey Miranda Play
2015-10-10 Becoming a House of Prayer, Part 2 Godfrey Miranda Play
2015-09-26 Mission-Driven Church, Part 4 Play
2015-09-19 Unexpected Calls Heidi Maekawa Play
2015-09-11 Train Up a Child Benjie Maxson Play
2015-09-04 Mission-Driven Church, Part 3 Godfrey Miranda Play
2015-08-21 Mission-Driven Church, Part 2 Godfrey Miranda Play
2015-08-08 Spiritual Leadership Training Event on Spiritual Gifts Godfrey Miranda Play
2015-08-07 Mission-Driven Church Godfrey Miranda Play
2015-07-31 Mission-Driven God Godfrey Miranda Play
2015-07-10 Dealing with Difficult Decisions Godfrey Miranda Play
2015-07-03 Testimonies (Teen Bible Academy) Teen Bible Academy Play
2015-06-26 Dealing with Difficult People, Part 2 Godfrey Miranda Play
2015-06-19 Dealing with Difficult People, Part 1 Godfrey Miranda Play
2015-06-12 Dealing with Difficulties, Part 2 Godfrey Miranda Play
2015-06-05 Dealing with Difficulties, Part 1 Godfrey Miranda Play
2015-05-29 Day of Delight, Part 4 Godfrey Miranda Play
2015-05-22 Day of Delight, Part 3 Godfrey Miranda Play
2015-05-15 Day of Delight, Part 2 Godfrey Miranda Play
2015-05-08 Day of Delight, Part 1 Godfrey Miranda Play
2015-05-01 The Godly Way of Giving, Part 2 Daniel Suarez Play
2015-05-01 The Godly Way of Giving, Part 1 Daniel Suarez Play
2015-04-17 Watching & Waiting, Part 3 Godfrey Miranda Play
2015-04-10 Son of Man Joe Fluence Play
2015-04-03 Discipleship Seminar, Part 4 (Sabbath afternoon) Leah Jordache Play
2015-04-03 Discipleship Seminar, Part 2 (Sabbath School) Leah Jordache Play
2015-04-02 Discipleship Seminar, Part 1 (Friday Vespers) Play
2015-03-27 Watching & Waiting, Part 2 Godfrey Miranda Play
2015-03-20 Watching & Waiting, Part 1 Godfrey Miranda Play
2015-03-13 All Nations Godfrey Miranda Play
2015-03-06 Movement of Destiny Godfrey Miranda Play
2015-02-27 The One Thing We Need Godfrey Miranda Play
2015-02-13 Perfect Love Morgan Graham, Jandell Ko, & Dante Matuu Play
2015-02-06 Who's With Me? Andrew Uyeyama Play
2015-01-16 Commissioned from the Cave Godfrey Miranda Play
2015-01-09 When Fire Fuels the Rain Godfrey Miranda Play
2015-01-02 Living by the Word Godfrey Miranda Play
2014-12-26 Testimonies Kenneth Fluence, Lorna Peterson, Frank Herman Play
2014-12-12 Contagious Christianity, Part 6: How Can This Be? Godfrey Miranda Play
2014-12-05 Contagious Christianity, Part 5: Let Your Starlight Shine Godfrey Miranda Play
2014-11-28 Contagious Christianity, Part 4: Small Steps, Big Impact Godfrey Miranda Play
2014-11-21 Contagious Christianity, Part 3: The Face of Change Godfrey Miranda Play
2014-11-14 Contagious Christianity, Part 2: Walking the Walk Godfrey Miranda Play
2014-10-31 Jesus Said to Watch AJ Beltz Play
2014-10-10 DNA of Discipleship, Part 5: Getting in the Boat Godfrey Miranda Play
2014-11-07 Contagious Christianity, Part 1: The Heart of the Matter Godfrey Miranda Play
2014-10-03 DNA of Discipleship, Part 4: Generation to Generation Godfrey Miranda Play
2014-09-26 DNA of Discipleship, Part 3: Community & Communion Godfrey Miranda Play
2014-09-19 Seventh-day Atheist Sam Smith Play
2014-09-12 DNA of Discipleship, Part 2: Cornerstone Commitments Godfrey Miranda Play
2014-09-05 DNA of Discipleship: Commission and Call Pastor Godfrey Miranda Play
2014-08-29 Let Him Hear, Part 8: The Door Still Closed Pastor Godfrey Miranda Play
2014-08-22 Let Him Hear, Part 7: Door Wide Open Pastor Godfrey Miranda Play
2014-08-15 Man Up Joe Fluence Play
2014-08-01 Blind Man Walking Benjie Maxson Play
2014-07-11 Let Him Hear, Part 6: Reviving the Lifeless Pastor Godfrey Miranda Play
2014-07-04 Let Him Hear, Part 5: Intolerable Tolerance Pastor Godfrey Miranda Play
2014-06-27 Let Him Hear, Part 4: Holding Fast or Holding Back Pastor Godfrey Miranda Play
2014-06-20 Let Him Hear, Part 3: Pressed but not Crushed Pastor Godfrey Miranda Play
2014-06-13 Let Him Hear, Part 2: Of Labor and Love Pastor Godfrey Miranda Play
2014-06-06 Let Him Hear, Part 1: Blessed Assurance Pastor Godfrey Miranda Play
2014-05-02 Limited or Limiting? Pastor Godfrey Miranda Play
2014-04-25 When Fishing is a Fight Pastor Godfrey Miranda Play
2014-04-04 Fishing in Style Godfrey Miranda Play
2014-03-28 Restoring the Spirit of Ministry Godfrey Miranda Play
2014-03-21 Restoring the Work of Ministry Godfrey Miranda Play
2014-03-14 Revealing the Spirit's Presence, Part 2 Godfrey Miranda Play
2014-03-07 GLOW Light Your World Joel Moutray Play
2014-02-28 Revealing the Spirit's Presence, Part 1 Godfrey Miranda Play
2014-02-21 Asking for Rain Godfrey Miranda Play
2014-02-14 Receiving the Promise of the Spirit, Part 2 Godfrey Miranda Play
2014-02-07 The Prerequisite for Pentecost Taj Pacleb Play
2014-01-31 O Me of Little Faith Joe Barkley Play
2014-01-24 Receiving the Promise of the Spirit, Part 1 Godfrey Miranda Play
2014-01-17 The Promise of the Father Godfrey Miranda Play
2013-12-27 Testimony Sabbath Morgan Graham, Anita Watson, David Aguillon, & Brooke Lutz Play
2013-11-29 No Thanks Godfrey Miranda Play
2013-11-22 He Said "Go" Parkwood Pathfinders Play
2013-11-15 The Fearful Witness Brooke Lutz Play
2013-11-08 The One Thing We Need Godfrey Miranda Play
2013-10-25 Movement of Destiny Godfrey Miranda Play
2013-10-18 The Work of the Holy Spirit in Your Life Godfrey Miranda Play
2013-10-11 Mission in Motion, Part 4: Open Wide Godfrey Miranda Play
2013-10-04 Mission in Motion, Part 3: Standing Strong Godfrey Miranda Play
2013-09-27 Mission in Motion, Part 2: Taking and Giving Godfrey Miranda Play
2013-09-20 Mission in Motion, Part 1: Through the Roof Godfrey Miranda Play
2013-09-13 100 Year Celebration Church Service various Play
2013-09-13 We Have This Hope Godfrey Miranda Play
2013-09-06 You and Your Household, Part 2 Sam Smith Play
2013-09-16 The School of Christ Bryan Del Valle Play
2013-08-23 You and Your Household, Part 1 Sam Smith Play
2013-08-02 The Privilege of Prayer, Part 2 Godfrey Miranda Play
2013-07-26 The Privilege of Prayer, Part 1 Godfrey Miranda Play
2013-07-05 What's in a Name? Sam Smith Play
2013-06-28 The Creator is My Re-Creator -- VBS Sabbath Godfrey Miranda Play
2013-06-21 Sleeper Spy Sam Smith Play
2013-06-14 About My Father's Business Godfrey Miranda Play
2013-06-07 Speak, for Your Servant Hears -- Preschool Graduation Address Godfrey Miranda Play
2013-05-31 The Message of Romans Paul Schooley Play
2013-05-24 Jesus is My Shepherd -- Adventurer Sabbath Godfrey Miranda Play
2013-05-17 Just You & Me: Personal Encounters with a Personal God, Part 3 Godfrey Miranda Play
2013-05-10 Just You & Me: Personal Encounters with a Personal God, Part 2 Godfrey Miranda Play
2013-05-03 Just You & Me: Personal Encounters with a Personal God, Part 1 Godfrey Miranda Play
2013-04-26 Two Righteous Men, Two Wicked Nations Joseph Fluence Play
2013-04-19 Life On Life - The Unsung Secret of the Early Church Part 3 Godfrey Miranda Play
2013-04-12 Life On Life - The Unsung Secret of the Early Church Part 2 Godfrey Miranda Play
2013-04-05 Life On Life - The Unsung Secret of the Early Church Part 1 Godfrey Miranda Play
2013-03-22 The Passion of The Christ - Restoring the Found Godfrey Miranda Play
2013-03-15 The Passion of the Christ - Searching With Care Godfrey Miranda Play
2013-03-08 The Passion of the Christ - Seeking the Lost Godfrey Miranda Play
2013-03-01 Discipleship 101 - Personal Influence, Powerful Impact Godfrey Miranda Play
2013-02-22 Discipleship 101 - Righteousness in Relationships Godfrey Miranda Play
2013-02-15 Discipleship 101 :The Blessing of Having Nothing Godfrey Miranda Play
2013-02-08 Discipleship 101: The Discipline of the Word Godfrey Miranda Play
2013-02-01 Discipleship 101: The Discipline of the Wilderness Godfrey Miranda Play
2013-01-25 New Year, New You--Part 4: Doing the Works of Christ Godfrey Miranda Play
2013-01-18 New Year, New You--Part 3: Living the Life in Christ Godfrey Miranda Play
2013-01-11 New Year, New You--Part 2: Seeing the Heart Need of Humanity Godfrey Miranda Play
2013-01-04 New Year, New You--Part 1: Hearing the Heartbeat of God Godfrey Miranda Play
2011-09-09 Working Like the Devil Rusty Chace Play
2011-08-05 Being Messed Up Is No Excuse Rusty Chace Play
2011-07-29 Dealing with Messed Up People Rusty Chace Play
2011-05-13 To Serve God and Pray Rusty Chace Play
2010-07-02 Knowing the Invisible God Rusty Chace Play