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Archived Sermons, Part 1

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Date Title Presenter
2022-03-26 "40 Days: Obstacles or Opportunities" Jon Tillay Play
2022-03-19 "40 Days: Giant Problem" Jon Tillay Play
2022-03-12 "40 Days" Elijah the Prophet Jon Tillay Play
2022-03-05 "40 Days: Nineveh's Repentance" Jon Tillay Play
2022-01-01 "Seeing the Unseen" 2 King 6: 8-23 Jon Tillay Play
2021-12-25 Christmas Stories Jon Tillay Play
2021-12-04 "The Missing Peace" Anil Kanda Play
2021-11-27 "Conversion on a Tree" George Victoriano Play
2021-11-20 "The Attitude of Gratitute" David Hodgens Play
2021-11-13 "God Made Man" - Testimonies Harold Reeve Play
2021-11-06 Prayer-Testimonies Communion Day Jon Tillay Play
2021-10-30 2 Thessalonians: "Gods Glorious Judgement" Jon Tillay Play
2021-10-23 "The Easy Burden of Doubt" Ed Verde Play
2021-10-16 "Does God Exist?" Evidence for the Resurrection Jon Tillay Play
2021-10-09 "Does God Exist?" The Fine Tuning of the Universe Jon Tillay Play
2021-10-02 "Does God Exist?" How Right and Wrong Show that God Exists Jon Tillay Play
2021-09-25 "Does God Exist?" The Origins of the Universe Jon Tillay Play
2021-09-18 "1 Thessalonians 5:12-28: Final Encouragement" Jon Tillay Play